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Meet Sara

My Vision

When I first opened a gym, I wanted to help combat obesity in the Mississippi Delta.  I make my classes welcoming and open to all fitness levels, not just the elite.  I want people to come as they are and learn how to be their best, feel their best, and live the best quality of life they can.  I took this same mindset and applied it to the online world.  I am always open to ideas and suggestions to continue to the growth of Sara Moreland Fitness. 


Certified Fitness Trainer 
and Personal Coach

It sounds cliche but I do my best to use any God given gifts I have to help others.  I have learned throughout the years what brings me the biggest internal joy is being able to help someone else.  I spend my days coaching at my gym, fostering 3 beautiful children, loving 7 dogs, responding to our city's emergency calls as our Fire Department's EMT, and coordinating tennis in the Delta.  I live a busy life but I love everything about it.  I am grateful you are here learning more about what I offer and hope you enjoy what you find. 

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